Wednesday, January 05, 2011

little iThings in life

These last holidays were amazing, the whole past year was amazing! TONS of ups and downs, in my life, our life, work, weight, it was as if all of a sudden everything happened in one year, I’d go over the list but I really don’t want to go over specifics. At least the top 3 are getting our condo, getting a car, and getting married.

From the geeky cheeky side, I got all i’d up (pronounced eye-ed-up). What I really mean is that I got an iPhone 4 and the iPad! I have to say, I never thought I’d be an iPad kind of guy. I love physical books, I love my big tv, and I thought I didnt want one. That’s until I had it on my hands. Since then, I’ve been on an app hunt like never before! I guess after having the iPhone for such a long time (3g) I already had my processes all figured out and sync’d (mobiileMe, zenbe lists, omnifocus, etc.) I had all my needs covered. I was wrong. The productivity apps are amazing as well, and its a lot better with more screen real estate. I just can’t wait to get the 3G sim card working. Now I can barely use the iPhone without forcing my eyes.

Plus, the whole ‘media’ aspect was something that always lacked and pained me on the iPhone. Ever watched more than 20 minutes on the iPhone? Painful. Reading a book? Painful. The only thing working there is the music. But just last night I discovered Vuze can pair with the PS3 and iTunes, and lo and behold, all the vids are now streamable to the PS3 and selected videos to the iTunes (and sync’d to all iDevices). Last night I watched a Mad Men episode, and instead of opening and reading that book on my night stand, I found an even better use for it: prop it under the iPad case to get a better view angle (sorry Patterson).

iLove it!


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Little things matter a lot.


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