Friday, July 13, 2007

End of FIFA U20

What a game, what an atmosphere! It will always be impressive to see and hear 40,000+ chanting ME-XI-CO! in unison and in a foreign country. This edition of the Under 20 FIFA worldcup in Canada gave us 6 good days of 9 games in total, with the highlight being, of course, MEXiCO! In general, working as a surveyor was great. Yes, I know, who wants to work during a soccer match, but the great thing is, we COULDNT work during the match, we had to do it BEFORE, and during half time. This gave us enough time to see some great playtime! The ‘pasión’ is there, but after Toronto’s Police display of violence, I dont know if Canada is ready for a big cup. Imagine the Argentinians facing the Hooligans... Harper would call the Army for sure... They could send the police to europe for some soccer training, so as to not just attack at the first fast movement. Anyways, keep scoring mes amies!



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