Sunday, June 03, 2007


Last night Ottawa was red, red with illusion, red with pale ale, and red with pride. Last night we ventured out of Habstown just to experience Ottawa’s redness, and I must say, it was amazing! I got dropped off at a local watering hole with the funniest name, “The Honest Lawyer”, about 530pm, and since then you could see people around gearing up for the game, sporting their red Sens shirts. The place is great, its big, it has all sorts of entertainment (hoops, bowling, boxing, horse races, pool tables, hooker tables) and a very friendly staff. The place got really packed at around 7 and by the start of the game, you couldnt even stand up without stirring things up. The place is full of screens, so you always have a chance to see the action (shouldve been great for World Cup), but the best of the place, without a doubt, were the chicken wings! The game started on a high note, with a very supportive audience and a well performing Ottawa. The game was pretty physical, lots of goals, and well, a sweet red victory. The last period was amazing. The Sens were able to stand their ground and mark a two goal difference, trailing by one game after game 3 for the Stanley Cup. It was a great weekend, hope the sens can make it till next saturday. I will be in town!



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