Friday, June 29, 2007


The Festival International de Jazz de Montreal is here! Last night I saw half a show, after a long game of poker (came in third) in which I got caught in a bluff. Cant always fake it... Anyways, so this year’s jazz fest looks promising, Van Morrison, Pink Martini, Bob Dylan, its all quite an ensemble, specially with the hundreds of free outdoor concerts. It is amazing the whole enchilada, when you go into Place des Arts you just feel the massiveness of the event: 4 or 5 big stages, a few smaller ones, vendors here, there everywhere, Heineken, Amarula, SAQ, jazz paraphernalia, and to top it all, a Dixie-land Marching band (Lousianna style, even dressed with the ubiquitous red/white stripes)! If you are in town during this fest, it is a not to miss affair.

This sunday, MANU CHAO live, outdoors, I am there.

jazz-cat javo


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