Friday, June 29, 2007

Changing colors dont make it right

Recently I came across this article about Big Brother Australia defacing the Mexican flag, and hurried to youtube to watch the video (which I wont link as I find offensive). One team of contestants had to throw chili-filled balloons against the flag while another team had to ‘defend’ the flag. In any case, I feel it is disrespectful, and out of line. It even makes me doubt of the australian IQ if they found it in the least amusing, I mean, the whole idea shouldnt have even been on a storyboard!

Their response: the colors where off and inverted (like looking at it on a mirror). Im sorry, but people will still know it is a Mexican flag, just as they would know it is an australian flag if you change the position of the stars, or the American flag if you take a few stars and stripes out, it is a symbol!

I dont know how they would feel if the positions would be inverted, no matter what flag it is, it is just disrespectful of other cultures, but even if someone would start throwing stuffed koalas soaked in bad beer to the australian flag, it would not have the same effect of chili on white. So far there is nothing in YouTube. I’ll keep looking.



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