Monday, March 19, 2007

What a weekend

It was great! We started early friday with the Roses for dinner at the delicious Jardin de Panos which is my favorite greek resto in Montreal, I have never had a bad meal there, the brochettes are great, but the lamb chops are amazing! Plus, its a BYOB! Anyways, just as we were finishing our meal we noticed the white snowflakes... bummer. Core slept at our place, and early saturday, after coffe and a healthy breakfast, we decided to start the celebrations. We got to Ye Olde Orchard at around 2, in the middle of a rugby game. It looks like an interesting sport, I mean, not knowing the rules makes it a bit boring, but man, those guys sure take some hits.

Eventually we got a table, and almost into a fight - there was a big group sitting next to the table that wanted an ‘extra’ table and made it clear, the guy was pretty much an A grade prick with some limited language, mostly monosyllables, but his friends calmed him down, for the moment. As the crowd got greener and greener, our table got fuller and fuller, the rounds kept coming and some food quickly passed by our table. The rotation was great, we had a group consisting mainly on Megan’s friends (Erik, Erik’s sister, Sara, Jeff, ...) and my school buddies (Gaby, Seb, Paul, Kyle ...). Through the first part of the night, or pregame, it was all calm, the crowd got up when the game started, mostly everyone was watching the Habs and you could hear the odd ‘go leafs go’ only to be muted by the crowd yelling ‘go habs go’ in return. It was a great game, with a cardiac finale in overtime. After the game, and while I was helping myself to another pint, our friendly guy from before got into a brawl, he literally jumped the separator between the little cove and the bar stools. Anyways, he ended up outside, twice as he came back but was not able to go unnoticed. I guess what goes around comes around. The band was great, although I think that ‘sweet home alabama’ should never substitute ‘finnegan’s wake’ or ‘black velvet band’ on st. patrick’s! I think they could’ve thrown in a couple irish ballads here and there. We had a blast dancing, but after midnight we were ready to call it quits.

The sunday morning brunch was a bit quieter than usual. Slowly we made our way to St. Catherine’s for the parade. My backpack was a bit heavy going there, but eventually it got pretty empty. There will be some pics later, just not yet. The parade was great, the weather was a bit cold, enough to make you put a glove for holding the beer. We also were a good group, with family, and friends, and extended friends, we even had Tom, Willy and their father from Mazatlan with us! It must’ve been quite interesting for him, I remember my first parade, its like carnaval but greener and less ‘queens’. As usual, we had the marching bands, the shriners in their red hats and red mini cars, the Als, the guinness and the jameson. We closed the festivities with a hearty Irish Stew in a pub I had never seen before.

The weekend of Saint Patrick 2007 was great. Im looking forward for next year!


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