Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New pictures

Hello my three little readers, I’ve actually been doing something during this week. Ive been ‘post-processing’ a batch of photographs I was lucky to take during a workshop last week at Centre Luna Yoga. Its not the first time I do it for them (hopefully not the last), but this was certainly different. The title of the workshop was “Laughter Meditation” by guru Laraaji Nadananda and well, it was a workshop about laughing your chakras away! It was sooo funny! What starts with a giggle goes all the way to the loudest yaps, plus, picture 30 people doing it! (luckily no tacos al pastor in montreal). It was a very dynamic, and people got gonged while they were at shivasana (when they are lying on their backs and look asleep but really its supposed to be meditation - some people say I snore). The best was the last part, the “Happy Toes” song, its magnificent, hard to describe, its real, its funny, its yogic.

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