Saturday, February 10, 2007

JMSB full day!

Every semester there is a day like yesterday, long, hard, and rewarding. It all started with an early breakfast and a great speaker at the MBA speaker series, which went really well. Dr. Alain Berinstain talked about the Canadian Space Agency’s role in coordinating the efforts of civil space exploration with international partners. Amazingly, Canada doesnt have its own rockets, but has other stuff that it “trades” or barters with the other space agencies (i.e. CanadArm). Anyways, it was great having him there and listening to how his day to day international negotiation efforts go.

Just after the Speaker Series the Career Development Day took place at the Holiday Inn Chinatown. This event was a great opportunity to talk with HR representatives of great companies like Deloitte (mon favori), Bell, MDA, Pratt & Whitney, RBC and the sponsor of the event, Mercer HR Consulting. The first half of the day was a lunch with employers and employer presentations. Needless to say, taste is broken in genre, and not all of them were of my liking -just from personal preference MDA and Encore ITS are not my cup-o-tea. For the second part of the day, Mercer HR Consulting presented us with varied information about what our career looks like at this point in time. They talked about the market cycle, how much we are worth, growth per province (no surprise, Calgary is the place to be - much to Julia’s dismay). Some young fellas presented about networking and its great importance, we also heard a headhunter about tips of how to behave, how to present ourselves, and that “in life, you never get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate”. At the end, it was a great event, kudos to the CPC.

Right after the event finished, most of the attendants were also going to the Chinese new year celebration at Ruby Red, to what looked like all JMSB faculty and some students. The night started great with a shot-o-vodka with my eastern european friends (and a couple latinos) - oddly enough we were the only ones to actually shoot the vodka, they like to sip it... I mean I sip tequila, scotch, but vodka I never thought of, well, martini is different i guess... There was a chinese show, in between what looked like a never ending parade of dishes, it was a 10-course meal! And the karaoke machine was hooked up to the various screens all over the hall... bad idea. There were a couple brave souls who ventured into the deep and dark side of singing 80’s songs (as Paul would say with his kazahki accent “I like... not!”). A few servings and two bottles of red wine later, all the remaining MBA’s gathered and not being able to take a spot in the karaoke machine (a lady singing “Genie in a bottle” was on her third song out of 11 she had signed herself for) decided to change spaces.

Suite 701 is just down the street of palais des congrais. I really liked the place, it has that fashion - trendy feeling, although a bit snobby, still, “we’re all mba’s”. We got there pretty early, before 10, but I was exhausted, we stayed there for about an hour, just enough to down a couple single malts and see the “fashion” show (or as I heard someone say ‘walking boobs selling boobs’), the runway was the hallway, like in between everyone, they’d just walk next to you, say hi, smile, stare at you, say grrrrr, and walk to the next group of people. Kudos to Kyle, he was the only familiar face I saw very early in the morning as I said my goodbyes.

Overall, it was a great day. Today I’ll try to recuperate and prepare for a hellish week, and we are leaving next sunday to khan-koon!

And by the way, its snowing.


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