Wednesday, January 17, 2007


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In Mexico, every 6th of January we celebrate "dia de reyes", or "day of kings" - even though it is a bad translation, as the real term in english is the 'wise men' (as in the three wise men who visited Jesus). Anyways, bible babble aside, that day we celebrate it by getting together with friends and family and sharing a round cake (bagel style), but this cake has surprises inside... there are little dolls hidden (so be careful, do not swallow)! It is supposed to be JC, and whoever gets it (or them) has to prepare a party for the 2nd of february "dia de la candelaria".

this year the party will be in montreal, as I got lucky with my piece o' cake! And the second one went to my dear friend anniekins. Anyways, go on! take a look in the picture! its floating on my chocolate caliente!




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