Thursday, November 30, 2006

This is a disgusting day

I hate politics, specially dumb politics. Things like what’s happening in Mexico right now with Andres “Rubber Duckie President” Lopez Obrador and his “political party” make me feel nausea. They are not doing any good, if anything they are fragmenting the people by impeling everyone to take a side for a battle. The popular way of “If you are not with me, you are the enemy” rationalization (which worked wonders for the US congress) has made it difficult for people with little power to actually take their chosen side. Peer pressure is possibly the highest factor of retention AMLO has, moving mafias and sectors like packages or pawns. How can you say no to your boss when he tells you to either go support AMLO or go find another J-O-B. Conflict of interest seems to be ruled out. How fast the people has forgotten Bejarano’s love for portfolios full of cash (remember the video?). If you dont, ask Ahumada.

The last event is surely the grossest one so far, and I am sure its not the last. The battle for the “pleno de San Lazaro” or the “stage” of our Mexican congress has proven to have the worst victims. It is not physical damage, or psychological damage, its emotional damage. How are we supposed to interpret that? I am not for PAN, but I am definitely not for PRD and its populist ways, with doubtful support and violent schemes. I agree with what most leftist parties from around the world say, that AMLO would make more good by forming a strong opposition inside congress and keeping a watchful eye over the government. What he is doing is selfish, maquiavelic, and taints Mexico’s international image. He had his chance to prove the fraud, and the result is that there is no fraud. Basing himself in that lie, which no one seems to care, he has started building castle’s in the air, and it will just hurt people’s perception of government when they fall. Of course, when that happens, Im sure it will be either Fox’s fault, or Calderon’s fault, or whoever is his archnemesis of the moment.

Anyways, tomorrow is the day where we will figure things out. We know that PRD is not afraid of using violence and crying wolf. Things dont look well for Calderon, he has to show strength, but at what price? Does that mean that violence to support a lie is good, only because AMLO says so? I dont think so. Does that mean that PAN and Calderon’s platform is what’s going to take Mexico out of poverty? Definitely not. What Mexico needs is a strong leadership with an equally strong opposition, dialogue instead of shouting and forcing, and for sure, no violence inside congress walls.


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