Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Developments

Well, little by little we fill the cantarito... I have recently published more pictures in my super website. This time it was a yoga class with some rythm - drums. Pretty cool, I had taken the class before, and now i got to frame it! Feels great, anyways, there are some cool pics there.

I have also joined the MBA Society Speaker Series Organizing Team. We will be having a guest speaker, M. Zsolt Kekesi from Bombardier, and he is going to talk about Human Capital, focused on career development. I am really excited, i get to do posters! You can see them in my website as well.

Last but not least, its football time this saturday, Stingers vs. Rouge et Or at Laval for the Eastern Finals, its gonna be great, too bad we cant make it. Its too long of a drive, but Im sure we’ll get it at “la cage”

For my mazabuddies, do not miss me more, Ill be there soon!



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