Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Thanksgiving went well

Well, its almost a month after thanksgiving... that shows you how busy I’ve been since then! With my gf going on a business trip to the GoldenGayte city, San Francisco, and the midterms, and the Habs, its no surprise my blog hasnt been updated. Anyways, thanksgiving came and went with the most beautiful weekend of the fall this year. We have not felt the warmth of sunrays like that since. It was more like mother nature saying “Here you go, enjoy while you can!” And enjoy we did. A few beers, a couple turkeys, some brandy, and a happy Healey family. I could say I missed my family thanksgiving, but we do not have thanksgiving in Mexico, however, I did missed my family. It would be nice to see them at xmas.

Midterms almost over, just one more to go.

Go habs go!


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