Monday, October 09, 2006

Babe goes to Ottawa City!

This past two weekends have been really great. We visited my darling’s sister and her bf for a nice relaxing night in her place in Ottawa. Well, the first day (friday) we went out -supped at The Black Tomato, where the indie reggae music(I bought a CD!) and the jambalaya rice made my night, not to mention the bottle of red wine that evaporated so fast I had to finish dinner with beer, actually, not a bad combination with jambalaya. After the hours of great conversation, we moved a bit closer to the Market to a pub (sorry mes amis, dont remember the name). Saturday, I spent the whole day at a coffee shop doing some work, but we met again for supper, this time chez Core. Jamie got there pretty much at the same time we got back from buying groceries for dinner. We (ok ok, Shawna and Core) made a delicious chick’n parmiggiana with fresh pasta and fingers of “god”. We ended up playing a couple rounds of Trivial Pursuit-Pop Culture Edition (which for my Mexican friends, es el equivalente a Maraton, pero en lugar de correr, consigues colores de categorias, el que tenga mas gana). Who wouldv’e thought, after some frustratingly weir questions and some stupid misses not to mention great laughs, we finished the night with a cigarrette run and a poutine feast. Nothing better than clogging your veins after drinking all night.

Cant wait to go back!


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