Friday, September 08, 2006

Hello Goodbye

As everything in life, with life, or that it is good, there is an end. Some have longer lifes than others, but some things, are just not meant to stay. For this reason, my past blogs - the reeling javo - *my humble approach to a Ebert and Roeper style of movie ranting* and - worldcup montreal - *my attempt to see all games (which I almost did) and report about the soccer life in the city apres le game (which I didnt) during this world cup edition. Anyways, so these two blogs will be obliterated for good. As some people say, when a door closes, a window is open, so dont cry my dears, the javo report is up and running and will be more snarky criticism (as if you need it right?) about almost anything i can type about. So go ahead, and look at my first ramblings, Its not much but hey, its only the beginning.

cheers to all!



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