Monday, May 01, 2006


Well, it was one of those weekends that make life bearable. It was a very complete weekend, that spanned from friday morning until sunday night. Not a moment wasted. After a day in the gym, the hype of the hockey playoffs took us to one of those places ( how do you call them? ah yeah, pubs ) near the Bell Centre to watch the game (Montreal vs Carolina - MTL local in game 4 and leading the series 2-1). We went with a big group from IATA walking past the Bell Centre and there was this huge tailgate party, mostly all in red and stanley cup replicas made with a lot of aluminum foil floating from side to side. We proceeded to the designated pub, Ye Olde Orchard (De la Montagne, not the one in NDG). Anyways, It was already packed with Habs fans, but luckily someone had gone earlier and had a table. After a hearty meal of hamburgeois et patates and a couple pints o’ Guinness the game started. 1-0 buuuu, 2-0 buuuuuuuuuuuuu , 2-1 good, 2-2 yahooooo! and finally we lost 3-2. It was a good game though. After the game, we went to another pub, Hurleys, the one in Crescent. Quite nice! We even sat outside and finished the night with some more Guinness and Baileys.

Saturday morning, sun is out, and so are we. So we decided to take Chonita’s new pair of rollerblades out for a spin (she bought them last week but hadnt used them). Needless to say, between the exhaustion of a late night, the sun and skating for a full 10 minutes we decided to take a 30 minute break. After which, we decided to go back, so we skated back (took us less time as she was progressing with her motor abilities in rollerblades) and took another 30 minute iguana break (shirtless sun tanning in the grass). We had to prepare ourselves for another night out, so we headed home and took a little nap. Lindsay, a very good friend of Core (Chona’s sis) is going to London for a year and this was her goodbye party. Luckily for us, the night was already planned and we followed almost to the dot - somewhere around 3am I lost my appetite for a midnight poutine. Started off from Tal’s flat with a couple beers, then dinner in a thai place (not bad) and pretty good service, considering we were like 12. Anyways, after a nice peanut chicken, crispy spinach and general tao we headed to the clubby part of the night, we started with a bottle of Vodka (guess which one my dear friends :D ) in a club called Rouge (used to be Angels - no resemblance with the one in av. del mar). After another bottle and a couple of beers we went to another club, which could be the lost brother of bora bora (for ambiance, not the beach part) and as ive been told, the cages were censored a few years ago. It was the last night of the Dome, so imagine that, animals, all animals... and there we were, 7 gorgeous prima donnas and 2 guys swatting other males like mosquitos in summer trying to molest our party.

Sunday morning... sh@t! I had a meeting! Run to the meeting, and got there on time (needless to say my spirit was still unconscious). After a couple tacos de barbacoa, a spicy sopa de tortilla and some coffee i felt some color coming back to me. By the time we were finished, I was almost as good as pie (chocolate mousse is the best). Sunny day again, walking back home in the streets of montreal, feeling good with myself, like DiCaprio’s “I am the king of the world” kinda moment, and I turn the iPod (javPod sorry)... the GnR’s classic hit “Paradise City” comes blasting as the first song in random, oh yeah, im smiling. After ben harper, donavon frankenreiter, reel big fish, whitestripes and jacob miller’s curly locks I got home, and sat on the sun until ma belle, came home, as I had forgotten my keys. The day finished with another bbq at the Roses (first of the year! and no beer for me thanks), another loss for the Canadiens (now loosing the series 3-2, tuesday the play here), and a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy. To top the day like a cherry on the cake, my photography instructor invited me to send my work to an exhibition. Lets see if I get approval!

I love montreal’s summer... and as i’ve said before, it aint summer until i’ve had a vodka tonic...

Summer’s back baby, summer’s back.


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