Tuesday, May 23, 2006

just my luck

I can’t believe it, there have been days that I’ve been thinking of what to do whenever I had time to myself, and I had come with a huge list of things I wanted to do on my free time. I finally had time this week. 2 major things have happened. First, I have been recently accepted to transfer to the MBA programme (yupi!) and second, my girlfriend is out on vacations. I finally have time to do whatever the heck I want, and just my luck, I fall in sick with the flu. Ive been literally in bed for over 24 hours now and with no signs of any progress (unless you count running out of milk and OJ progress). So yes, finally today Ill be leaving my comfortable house just to go get some groceries, meanwhile my speaking abilities are limited to grunts and monosyllables. At least it has stopped raining (8 days of consecutive non-stop rain is too much). I am supposed to play soccer tonite, and it feels like its not going to happen. Anyways, I just spent my bachelor weekend with movies, hot tea and a box of cleenex, and it was my only one. So yes honey, I’ve been good.

love, jav.


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