Friday, May 12, 2006

End of an(other) era

Its done... the final episode of That 70’s Show has aired. And I missed it (conflicting schedule with survivor - hey, bikini trumps jeans). The fact of the matter is that slowly but surely, all those sitcoms that wrongfully educated me in american lifestyle have been popping like zits, dawson’s creek, friends, sex and the city, now its that 70’s show. During my highschool years and beginning of university, it was my favorite show. Never missed it, sometimes I even felt my life was between Dawson Creek, 70’s Show and friends. The truth is, I love them all, and even though I never saw the last two seasons of DC and 70’s, their finales still mark an era. Just as the gang starts the 1980’s so differently than when they started the 70’s, my life is beginning an era too- new country, new job (cross your fingers) and new hairdo (say hello to javdreamy).

And I now leave the airspace to new geeks to fall in love with new sitcoms and see their lives through the stupid box. All I’ve got left are scrubs and earl.

Godspeed gang!



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