Wednesday, May 10, 2006

the big scare

These days my work schedule allows me to get out of bed pretty much at around anytime I want. Of course, I try not to abuse my power but hey, sometimes it is unavoidable. Today was not the case, Shawna left at around the same time I was getting my caffeine fix, 830. After some cooking and cleaning, and setting up the office, I hear a few bangs on the neighbor’s door, some shouting, and then some bangs on my door... what the... so I open up the door, and this fireman starts yelling at me in french, I know some french, but I dont think I needed translation... when a fireman bangs at your door, there’s pretty much only one thing to do. I was still on my jammies so I had to get some clothes on, and rush out - Im pretty sure I looked just like Jason Lee in My Name Is Earl. As I was going down the stairs, I smelled something weird, and when we finally got outside, right in front of the building (there’s been work on my street for over a year) you could see this cloud of gas coming out of a hole... Anyways, I got to meet some of the people on my building and around the block, a lot of just-got-out-of-bed faces. I met the guy at 5th floor, pretty nice guy, lives with his gf, studies distance learning or mobile learning, has an art background. After about 45 minutes of being outside (it was sunny until we got outside, then it got cold, and now it is sunny again) the firemen started to take down the caution line and putting the hoses away... no biggie... this time.

Anyways, this just to show you how if I had had a cigarrette after breakfast, and tossed it out the widow... you’d be hearing about it from the news... booom.

a la prochaine!



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