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Exhibition 4
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Well, my first exhibition has started. The gallery in the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts is amazing! I had already visited an exposition for “le mois de la photo” and others that they have mounted there. Its true that it is on the same building where my classes take place, but it looks as professional as any I’ve seen. The amount of work was a bit overwhelming and crammed though. The pieces where too close to each other, and it resembled that of a crowded livingroom more than that of an art gallery, but the exposition looks good.

My piece really stands out not just for its greatness (hey, Im being modest) but for its contrasting colors and cyan tone (blue for the inexperienced eye - it cost me to get the difference). The pieces exhibited are pictures I took with the Holga camera (see the post holgastic). I cross processed the pictures to enhance the effects. There are four pictures in total, two of them where of an object in the foreground with the sun in the back, which created a cool aura, which with the holga’s tunnel feeling looks great. Another picture is a double exposure of a model (guess who) in a yoga pose with a window in the background, this caused an extreme over and under exposure, with mid tones where the exposures didnt match, causing a halo efect, kinda like the same picture being placed one on top of the other without being perfectly aligned, looks cool! The last picture is a shrub (round short plant) in the middle, surrounded by snow, some tracks and a gorgeous background of a lake and a mountain. This was the only shot I had to process myself to get the same tone of cyan in the darkroom, which is so fun I could spend days in it without feeling time passing by.

Anyways, it has been a great trip this photography class. Who knows what is on the future, but I certainly improved a lot. I already have a photoshoot lined up for saturday night. Shawna’s yoga instructor is giving a workshop with some yogis from Toronto in a specific yoga style that is getting popular. I’ve already been in the studio and the ambiance is great! I cant wait to see the layout and start shooting like Dick Cheney on a hunting trip.

You can see more pictures on my flickr website. Just look for the tag “exhibition”.

javo “shutterbugger” vazquez - out!


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