Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Yep, it was my birthday last week thankyouverymuch, my 2_ 12323523454234 not telling from now on b-day. It has been a week and some days since I got here, and I feel like it was months ago. I guess sometimes people get chipi in birthdays and things like that. Today Is annas bday, so Id like to say hi - HI! - and well, basically, I would like to say happy birthday to EVERYONE as I probably either will forget it or just dont know your birthday, so -HAPPYMERRYBIRTHDAYYYY!!-

The weather sucks, I know its winter and i know im in canada, but today its raining... freezing rain... No, not snowing, rain, falls, freezes, people slip and fall and you laugh so hard you fall too kinda thing...

Anyways... gotta go do homework... yes I am still at school, thats why Im not telling my age anymore.




At January 18, 2006, Anonymous Mika said...

Hi Javo,
I tell you happy birthday even now I know I really got late, hahaha.
Bueno, te digo de verdad, ya no hablo espanol! Ya se me olvidado lo k aprendi, por k hace mucho tiempo.
,,,hohh, it was the biggest work for me to talk to you in spanish:p
I'll check this page sometimes from now on:)

At January 18, 2006, Blogger peanut said...

thanx my dearest friend!
i'm seriously considering that not-tell-my-age-anymore thing...
but we've enjoyed all this years... much or few that they might seem.
big warm hug for shawna and you!
come visit us more often. i'm saving some money to visit your dreamy city someday.
ps. i know that feeling i'm chipi too

At January 29, 2006, Blogger Emilio Hernández Kelly said...

¡Felicidades, Javo!

Qué bien que te pude ver un par de veces allá en Mazatlán. Suerte con la fotografía. Saludos a Shawna.



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