Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Chazeeng a dream

Last weekend was a trip down memory lane, but not mine. Shawna and Christen (her coz) had planned a nice day trip to the country, in New York state. The whole ordeal was a small shack by the Champlain Lake in which they spent their summers of early age, and in which they store quite some fond memories. Andrew and I were more like moral support down the whole Chazey (or Chazy or Chazee or Che-Z) project. We were picked up at around 10-am, drove down for about an hour and a half until we passed the "Tickle" Bridge, and got to "Betty´s" House. I have to say, the view is quite breathtaking. Maybe it was the lighting condition, it was quite sunny, but the contrast of colors from the fall with the green grass and the blue lake-blue skies made me want to open a lawn chair and sit around for summer. After a photo-session with yours truly as the eye on the other side of the lens, we replicated their daytrips to the Knotts Berry farm (or mirrer, mintz... something along the lines) and looked for the animals. Besides the hundreds of white big birds (seagulls or some other type of white big birds) and the calves (small cows) on the "Disease control center" (I dont think that was a good sign) we couldn't find any livestock. I mean, there were a few horses outside on the property, and inside the barn we only saw like 4 horses (big ones though, and as Andrew could prove, quite nervous... ). By 1pm we were already lost, and trying to figure out where to eat. We paid a visit to Platsbourgh, which looks better on tv than live. The Ghettysbourg (or Geoffrey's) Pub was a good treat though. With humongous servings and nice cold beer after the appetizers we were ready to roll, but we had to wait for our meals, might as well, eh? My hamburger was a big, fat, juicy beef patty with a nice swiss and sauteed mushrooms, the home fries? heavenly. I should've never ordered those chicken fingers (looked more like poitrines to me). After dutyfully declaring everything from cookies and donuts, to bubble gum and around 12 dollars of goodies (hey, thats like 1,7 dollars in taxes) in the Canadian Border, we forgot to mention there is a mexican on the car with two (TWO!) packs of cigarretes... Ill tell you, they pull that off trying to cross Nogales, and they would get 25 to life in San Quintin (or at least loose all your valuables) - ( by the way, the canadian officer at the border HAD all the passports, he just never noticed there was a mexican passport in there. )

Anyways, go check the pictures in my Photo Log (flickr). The link is on the right side.




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