Tuesday, September 06, 2005

my weekend reefer with greenday

This weekend was quite long... it all started with the infamous pubcrawl on thursday.. a lot to say... in fact i have not even finished writing that entry for it, maybe i will never publish it... is already been magicmarkered all over. Anyways, the fun from thursday was unique, I met a lot of people from the mba programme and well... today tuesday Ill be seing some of them in classes - yup, first day today.

Next thing was friday that after being comatose for quite of the day, I went for drinks (just one, honestly) with Sarah and Shawna.. but I was mainly them doing the talking. I was hungry.

Saturday, bbq chez Rose's, quite delicious the ribs, looked like it was going to be a cool nite, and indeed it went to 14degrees celsius. Maybe last bbq of the season, who knows. Also, Mexico lost against USA in soccer... that was bad man, I didnt see it but from the play by play and the reviews, we need to get better, I mean... its USA!!

Sunday, woke up, had breakfast, went outside in the terrace, had lunch, went home. My girl went to ottawa to visit her sister, so I had practically the city for myself. What should I do? what should I do?

GREENDAY IS IN TOWN! So after munching some sort of subway along the way, I made my way all the way to the subway station. Get into the punk attitude, u-kno-what-im-a-saying? So I had the spikes going on, and the black shirt with a barking monkey (Los Kung Fu Monkees) in red, and my loose cargo pants... yeah I was serious! I got there at a pretty good time, I mean, it was around 630, and the first band was in the middle of the set already, and it was, ANTI-FLAG! Im like 'whoa... they open? before jimmyeatworl?' that sucks man... anyways, the whole anti-war, anti-bush was really going on there, they kept saying "unityyyy!" and "weareoneee!"... i guess people really got into them when they said "fuck bush!". I mean, I dont like the guy, but I think that was just some comercial propaganda, or marketing thing, at least that is what it seemed. Then it was jimmy eat world.. not my favorite, I think there are a lot of better bands that could´ve been there opening for greenday, with anti-flag... but hey, you know there it is going right? The people on the site were not as punk and dark as when ive seen other groups, specially union 13 and the deviates, but that is understandable. No, here, people where more like from an abercrombie and fish (whatevr) catalog, mixed with a couple greenday tshirts and buttons. I think I only saw 3 mohawks, but reaaaaaal mohawks, with boots, slim pants and white shirt, like, real punk dudes... which really made a contrast with the couple grannies, the whole parent section with kindergarten kids, and those pesky runts that were running around alll daaay (the kids under-a-meter-high club).

Anyways, Greenday is a profesional band. They know their stuff, they know their people, they know the stage. Its 1 6 years of growing with the people, (that explains the under-a-meter-high club). I dont think there was any CD or mayor single that was not sung, all the way from kerplunk´s Welcome to paradise, going with the clasics like basketcase, when I come around, she, walking contradiction, the minority one, Nice guys finish last, Good ridance, king for a day, hitchin´a ride, and well, there was also some kind of anti war there, with american Idiot, holiday, st. jimmy, jesus of suburbia, and well, the one that was dedicated for the victims of katrina... wake me up when september ends. Quite a show. fireworks, fire, lights, smoke... all was there, all in synch, all when it needed to be.

I guess it has been the biggest show (well, with king changó there were around 100 thousand people but that was in the jazz fest) I have ever been, around 20 thousand people. The only downer was the exit. Imagine trying to bail out at the same time 20k people want to leave also? FROM AN ISLAN? WITH ONE METRO AND ONE BUS STOP? Crap. I felt reaally shitty, I had never felt that way, like claustrophobe or something... I had to get out , went to the side and basically waited to the people to leave... Beer didnt help either, i had to go pee and they didnt let anyone go back anymore... so I had to hurry to my flat. Which I might add, it was rather quick, like they sincronized the metros so as to evacuate asap, At least once you got off that Island.

Monday - labor day, also in bad shape, not as bad as friday, but still, not at my most beautiful. Went with my girl to grab a beer down at the padlock (cafe des eclusiers) which was closed, so we walked to the museum... next to it there is the cutest bar, its rather new (we hadnt seen it) and it was sunny outside, so it was a nice day. Sadly, one beer plus the ones from the other day, where more like 3 beers again... walked home making S along the way.

anyways... a grandes rasgos that was my weekend.. .a lot of little details escape my memory, or are not worthy of mention, but if you have a comment or a question, fire away. And, as a prize, to the first person to write me a comment, wait, make it 3 persons to write me a comment, I will send you a nice postcard from montreal. And yes, please write me your address.



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At September 06, 2005, Blogger El Javo said...

thank you very much for your comment... sadly, you forgot to put your address so we wont be able to consider you for the postcard.

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At September 08, 2005, Blogger El Javo said...

Without a doubt, every head is a world... although your´s should be crushed. Thank you very much for your comment, you have won a very nice postcard, because I believe in karma, and I have to pay some debts with da karma police.


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