Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bad bad movie

You know, sometimes there are some movies that are good, but somehow they are actually bad, like "the english patient". I mean, it is a good movie, good script, great actors, but it is just so, how can I put it, not for every occasion for anyone so that makes it a bad good movie. Then you also have good bad movies, like all the american pie movies, I mean, they are cheap and sell nothing else but cheap comedy. Then there are the good good movies, which not are not precisely perfect, just a good movie that can be watched every so often with almost any type of viewer, like Down with love, kill bill, or classics like Dogma (by Kevin Smith - the first of the Clerks saga) amongst many many others. Anyways, this just to explain my desperation after paying 8 bucks to see a bad bad movie, I mean, Ms Congeniality one was a good bad movie, but PLEASE, do not go see the sequel! It is those movies that are best left to a good sunday afternoon when you don't have anything to do, and you stumble into this movie, and actually decide to turn off the TV. I mean, almost any Sandra Bullock movie is deemed to the ---- bad movie, sometimes you get the good in front, but this time, gosh, it is BAD. The thing is, how many times do you see a guy faking (not f9cking) gay following a g-looking diva with a brain half Mr. Bean half Sherlock Holmes, with the least elaborate plot, going into transvestite bar singing diana ross with a dimwitted no friends pitbull like bodyguard that ends up being a daisy... blah... too stoopid, even for cheap movies. In this one you can actually smell the standard joke half minute before, its like fill in the joke kinda thing.

Anyways, there are better things to do with our 8 buck-a-roos, like
a pint of guinness or almost any other across-the-sea draft brew
2 pints of local brew
one sixpack in your depanneur (ok, the cheapest beer maybe)
a pack of cigarrettes
its half a yoga class
a trio in subway
2 trios in mcdo`s (wouldnt do that anyways)
a whole pizza
8 cups of coffee (with 1000 mg of caffeine you can probably stay stoked for 60 hours)
or basically see ANY other movie

So my friends, you cant say you were not warned.



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