Thursday, April 07, 2005

What a nite!

Well, friday nite we finally went out to a club. More than a club, it was like a small latin salsa club place that you would probably find in the outskirts of barrio antiguo in monterrey, but it was a good nite. The main reason of the outing, was shawna´s dance teacher end of term presentation. So, there were a lot of beginners, some intermediate and 1 or 2 advanced students performing different types of dancing, and I mean different. First was the beginners bellydancing, then the advanced belly dancing, then the cha-cha mcgill margaritas made their appearance and cautivated the whole audience, not for their looks, or abilities, but more for their loveliness. I mean, wouldnt you find it cute to see your mother and 7 of her co-workers dancing cha-cha? There was swing, there was rock&roll there was a transexual doing exotic dancing... what da @·$|@#¢∞!? Yup, it really made me feel funny, bad funny, to see this adam´s apple carrier with boobs bigger than most people I know with the skimpiest little skirt you could possibly imagine a hooker wearing, but, other than those moments where the guy-lady was flashing people, it was a great nite. I had fun, I realized that most of the poeple dancing belly dancing and salsa were not either oriental or latin, but more like chinese, afro-american, and whities. I mean, it was like watching william hung doing john secada moves, but overly exagerated, jaja! But others, well, I just watched in awe and wished I could move like that.

next thing ill do is get some salsa lessons. Definetly.



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