Friday, April 15, 2005

Quote of the day!

This day, I really have acomplished a lot. I found another way to "how not to do salsa", I spent nearly 4 hours studying for this GMAT (what is it with roots anyways?) and I found a great quote of the day: "If it aint brok'n, break it and leave it." It's kinda like live and let live, carpe diem, just do it, and every other phrase that gives you the idea life is great and you should go outside and try new things. Thats because thats what i wanted to do all day while studying.

for those apple lovers, tiger is comming soon! we gotta have it!



At May 01, 2005, Blogger Manuel Rojas Mejia said...

Respecto a tu nota del día... tienes razón, hay que tratar algo nuevo, si no intentas estar renovandote te haces viejito y apestas, busca cosas nuevas, como por ejemplo PONERTE A TRABAJAR! ja ja ja ja.

Yo ya estoy trabajando y sigo pensando que es algo malo e innecesario, pero bueno, requisitos que tiene uno que cumplir para vivir en esta sociedad.

Big brother apesta!

At May 02, 2005, Blogger peanut said...

Yo tengo otro quote interesante:
"If they follow you
Don't look back
Like Dylan in the movies
On your own
If they follow you
It's not your money that they're after boy it's you"
- by Belle & Sebastian


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