Sunday, April 17, 2005

Its a great sport!

What a weird feeling that is. Its a mix of "Go! Go! Go!" with a little of "Oooooh!" and "damn...!". Im talking about my short experience with lacrosse. Today while I was flicking the channels on the tv I came across a lacrosse match, and well, I had heard about it, but what I saw was noooothing like I had imagined!

First of all, there are a bunch of sweaty guys with sticks, tossing a small ball like the size of a tennis ball, and well, seems like everything is allowed, EVERYTHING... I had seen fights in hockey, but man, during the two minutes that I watched the match there were easily 4 fights, one after the other, it was a free-for-all! Man that gets you going! Specially when the goalies run against each other, jaja! They can barely move, but they can swing!

Secondly, the scores where unbelievable, it was like 17-10 or something, and no, its not like NFL scoring, but more like hockey. I mean, it goes in, it counts as one. It is exciting to see someone score, in almost any game. Not in the Ping Pong or Tennis sense where it is one after the other and it is needed to finish the match, but more like going from zero to 17 in 4 quarters and someone is swinging its stick at your face all the time.

Lacrosse is very like hockey, its played in a small closed rink, they go up and down pretty fast, the goalies are protected from any angle possible, they all carry sticks with a net, and they fight every so often. In spite of all that likeness, they do not use skates and they are not on ice - although it would be pretty fun if they were on ice WITHOUT skates.

Lacrosse has a lot to offer, it is a fast game, with a lot of scoring, tumbling, pushing, hitting with the stick and fist fights - its an adrenaline fix! Put in some buddies and beer and you´ve got a great evening!

ps- After the adrenaline had subsided I changed the channel. Some minutes later, I got curious again, so I changed it back to the game, jejeje, they were fighting.


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