Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Mon apart

Well well, my life has gone through this last few days as a whore in easter, just eating chocolate and wondering why everyone else doesnt work (or goes to school for that matter) on monday. So weird... Anyways, my life hasnt been very interesting lately (maybe if I was a manwhore it'd be a bit more interesting, maybe it wouldnt be interesting, but still I think I´d be itchy). I was having a smoke in front of my flat and monsieur 402 came up, so we started chatting, and it turns out that he is actually an artist and has been living in the area depuis (since) 1975! Much has changed since, at least his favorite tabern is not here anymore (asti!). Then along came m. 501, who as 402 said, is an actor, but apparently not the JOEY type of actor, but like a guy who has actually done shakespeare, tv sitcoms, movies, even music. Of course I dont know him but that´s probably because he´s basically quebecois and sticks to the french media, thus i think Ill ever see him in anything. And well, thats where I live in. In an artists hub, the guy in the next building is a photographer, the guys downstairs are a yoga instructor and an architecture firm, then of course the m. dessin (mr. designer) next door. I think that puts me in the picture taker - doodler - gomputer ceek category (not quite a photographer, painter or programmer yet). I think Ive found my place! if only these people would talk to me! I know Ive got talent! Who do they think crayoned all my parents house nearly 21 years ago? Man, from the frappé i got it must have been something worth of picaso. anyways, its getting late and I still have to visit the roof next door to smoke the last one of the nite.

and remember, if the smoke alarm goes off, take out is in for tonite.

Thank you goodnite!


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