Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter weekend

Ok, well this weekend has been pretty full. Starting with my final exam for niveau trois on thursday, to "celebrate" some friends and I went to get a few pints. We started it off at "Le Cheval Blanc" on Ontario st. which is a microbrewery. It was basically Kevin and Shannon, Bernard, Arbender, Shawna and Me. After a few rounds, the ladies left and it was up to the boys to go play to the "L´Ile Noir" a couple blocks down the street from the other place. Anyways, as soon as you could say Guinness we had downed a couple and well, we will leave it at that.

After the nite out it was all cool on good friday, good sleep, good breakfast, good walk in the good sun, and good syrope d´erable. We went to the cabane a sucre "Cabane Nantel", we being Tom, Marie Paule, Tere, Nicholas, Tania, Virginie, Shawna and me. You can see the pictures on m y homepage now. Anyways, for those who dont know what cabane à sucre´s are all about, they are about food with syrope d´erable, a.k.a. maple syrup (o miel de maple para los mexicas). Empieza la velada con una mesa tipo picnic larga y con los platos vacios, y uno a uno van llegando los diferentes platillos que al parecer nunca dejan de llegar. The menu was simple, (and not as quebecoise as MP explained to me later) consisting on bean soup, fried beans (feves au lard), boiled potatoes, ham, coleslaw, some kind of omelet or fluffy eggy thing, bacon and weiners, all with their syropy maple sauce. After dinner we got the tour in the evaporation room, where the guy actually told us he would love to know how they make the maple syrup as he has just started working and didnt know how it was made... at all. Anyways, he was kind enough to give us some tire d´erable which are basically maple syrup popsicles (paletas de miel de maple) that are made basically by pouring hot maple syrup on snow, and each one gets his own by twisting the popsicle stick on it. So, we got some feeling of the process by seeing he machinery and some posters of the process, but I really think they havent been used for a while. To end the visit we rolled up yet another tire d´erable and took a walk in the woods in the pure blair witch style looking for farm animals... at 9pm! But we ended up leaving to the St. Suplice, which is a well established bar on St Denis blvd. were we got rid of the "empalague" (spanish for excess of sweet sweet taste that bothers you and makes you feel sick if you have more sweets) by downing a couple pitchers.

Saturday was yet another adventure. Ma copine et moi had bought some curtains a few weeks ago, but we had had sooo many problems and delays to put them up, like, first not having the tools, then along came st paddys (go see the pics on the homepage!), then we found out that the brackets we had were unusable because of some pipes we go on our ceiling (that was after measuring and fiddling with the good ol´ BD drill), but we worked things out. So anyways, Shawna´s family helped us a lot with the hemming and drilling and ironing. Apres le travail we went for a nice stroll, and discovered this resto a couple blocks away (didnt eat there though) and some other shops like le cartet or beniaminos (which ive been a couple times before). We ended up getting some drinks in this cute bar cobalt for drinks and then some good munchies at a thai place a couple doors chez moi. Quite an experience everytime I go there, its so good that I wish I knew how to cook. After we met Michelle and Olivier at our new fav place, the good ol´ cobalt... jaja!

Today sunday (almost monday) we got up -had a couple aspirins- and got into the church mood so we walked up to St Patrick´s basilica (and no, there is no beer there!) for a nice sunday mass for easter sunday. Later we got picked up by Doug and Linda to go chez Healy´s at the south shore (I still dont know the map that well so I really dont know where I was, but I do know we crossed the river). As Linda warned me, it was a good organized chaos. But hey, so are my family gatherings. We were quite a bunch (Terry, Diane, Kris, Ryan, Denis, Barbara, Peter, Christie, Katie, Core, Doug, Linda, Shawna, Andrew, Rose, Mr and Mrs Healey and that mexican guy in the corner). Quite a good time as it usually is with the whole gang. A few beers, a good meal, stories, pictures from the 40´s till the 70´s, some sambuca and brandy...

Anyways, it has been an incroyable weekend here at Montreal, got some traveling, eating, drinking, more eating, more drinking, some more drinking and also got somethings up in our petite loft. Hope I can get rid of these few pounds I gained this weekend soon, as I would like to get into these pants again, someday.

Till the next one!


ps. Go see "Downfall" (the movie about Hitler´s last days)- its pretty shocking and interesting! I really enjoyed it and hopefully you too.


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